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Beginner Houseplants

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About Beginner Houseplants

Beginner Houseplants

We meet a lot of people who have had one plant die, so they assume they can't grow indoor plants. The key is to put the right plant in the right spot in your home, then getting to know one another.

Not everyone is a green thumb, we know that and to be honest, it takes time and practice, but that's half the fun. 

Think about 

  • Light - How much  do you have? This can vary from room to room.
  • Temperature in each room? Do you use air-conditioning or heating?
  • Is the air humid or dry? Do you have any airflow? 
  • Watering? How much to give? *overwatering is the biggest killer of Indoor plants. 
  • Planter - what type of pot will you be using? Does it have a hole in it or are you able to take the plant out freely to drain?
  • Soil type - will you buy a premium soil mix that will encourage premium plant growth?

What indoor plants should I start with then?

The top plants of 2020 are listed below. Easy care plants that will suit many homes. Otherwise, you can shop The plant killers pack already picked for you.

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Before you grow..

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